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by greg layton
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The best executives follow a clear game plan to accelerate their career. And now you can copy their secret methods to navigate to the top. 

CHIEF MAKER reveals the strategies for building confidence, influencing difficult people, staying focused on the most important activities and inspiring your team. 
Get more meaning, gain more influential and have an impactful career by following the Chief Maker
- Has your career and personal growth stalled?
- Are you overloaded with work and commitments that make it impossible to stay in front of the game?
- Are you constantly fighting soul-destroying internal politics and bureaucracy when trying to get things done?

The Chief Maker 5-step 'GREAT' method outlined in this book is a roadmap for any senior manager who wants to rise above the politics and overload of the corporate world and master their profession.

This book is not just about how to get a promotion. And it’s not just about becoming a high impact Chief Executive Officer. It’s about re-taking command and becoming the Chief Executive of your life. You’ll enjoy a more rewarding and enjoyable career. You’ll spend more time with your family and friends, and you’ll be getting results in more than one area of your life.

And most importantly you’ll be leaving your unique mark on the world.
What does it mean to be a GREAT Chief?
The qualities and habits that make one a Chief are not innate. They are learned. This book uncovers the secrets of some of the most respected and successful Chiefs.

It isn't about quick wins, short-cuts and manipulation. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite. (Although, you'll get plenty of tips to boost performance with immediate impact.)

There is no point becoming a Chief if you sacrifice your standards and life away from work. 

So, this book is about becoming your GREATEST self. You’ll learn to make a noticeable impact, and you'll do it in a way that is respectful, purposeful and brings your greatest qualities to the table. 

Then, and only then, will you be a GREAT CHIEF
meet the man behind the book
Greg Layton
Greg is the Founder of Chief Maker and an Executive Coach who specialises in accelerating the careers of senior managers into C-suite roles. He is also the host of top iTunes podcast “The Inner Chief”.

For over a decade he has been the trusted advisor to CEOs and executive teams of multi-billion dollar, global listed companies as they lead large-scale transformations critical to the company’s future.

He has also consulted as a high performance coach for elite level tennis, Super Rugby, NRL and tour golf, and previously sat on the National Board for Bravehearts. He has lived and trained with the Shaolin Monks in China and tackled ultra marathons in the Gobi and Atacama Deserts.

He is a golfer, adventurer and lives in Melbourne with his wife and twin boys.
What other leaders are saying about 
Chief Maker - The 5 Step Blueprint to Rising Above the Pack 
and Getting a Seat on the Executive Team
What readers are saying about this incredible book on...
Actionable steps to becoming an executive leader
Review by Justin
So many great take-aways for aspiring executive leaders to reach their goals and that coveted seat in the C-suite!
For the executives wanting to accelerate 
their fitness for and move to C-Level
Review by Geoffrey M Wade
Greg Layton has written a 'how to guide' that will make you understand the journey from where you are to the next level in your career. 

Quick and Impactful, a must read!
Review by Jonathon Gallo
This is great for executives, but also entrepreneurs. There are so many key takeaways that I know I will read through it again and use it as a reference for any business struggles. This is a book about planning and executing that plan. Things we all know we need to do but find ourselves not doing. And tips and diagrams to get through our resistances. 

Here's the thing about Greg...

He doesn't just understand what it takes to become an executive...

He understands what it takes to become a transcendent executive. 

And anyone who's read his book, talked to him on the phone, or been his student can tell you that. 

I had the privilege of working with Greg for over a year, and even though he was my client, I can't tell you how much I learned from him. 

A fantastic human and a fantastic mentor.

Mike Rossi

Greg assisted me in reframing my approach to my professional and personal life when I was struggling with the pressure of work and life generally. Greg brings an amazing amount of personal experience, training and knowledge to his clients, best of all it is fun and it works!

Joe Griffiths

This book gives good strategic career advice that easily relates to a wide variety of industries.

Anybody who wants to enjoy their work more and get ahead would benefit from this book.

Raelene Henderson
• What's inside the book •
• Sample Pages •
The book reveals the secrets that great Chiefs know are the keys to becoming a highly respected CEO that Greg learned from over a decade coaching at the top of big business and elite sport.
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • How to set yourself up for success with a career Game Plan that highlights your Unique Value Proposition
  • How to stay focused and automate the pursuit of excellence in yourself and your team through game-changing routines
  • How to get the smartest and most inspiring people into your entourage so your career and life are more impactful and enjoyable
The 5 Step GREAT method
The GREAT Method
Game Plan | Routines | Entourage | Assets | Track Record
Page 18. Find your purpose and align it to your career and life vision so you can bring your true spirit to life
Page 33. The secret power of conducting a competitor analysis on other leaders so you can get your dream role
Page 54. How you can implement routines that instantly boost personal and team performance
Page 92. #1 process for building a powerful network that opens countless doors
Greg Layton - chief maker - Copyright @ 2018 - all rights reserved
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